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 TRaveling plans and current goals..

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Clan Leader OF PWN!!!

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TRaveling plans and current goals.. Empty
PostSubject: TRaveling plans and current goals..   TRaveling plans and current goals.. EmptyWed Jun 17, 2009 1:09 am

first we are speading into villages i believe flargo is in shroud.. recruit there..
king your in galcier... recruit there...
i'll recruit from silence....

ON JUNE 23 : we are traveling to shroud to bulk up on members and stats.. we will be there for approximatly 2 weeks...

From there on JULY 7th we are going to current and gaining support there....

then from there the clan will split out into the other villages gaining members,,, and then on JULY 31 we should have roughtly 30 members.. 5 from each village... from there we will go about establishing our order system.. who will be captains and commanders.. head recruits for villages and things along those lines...

An update will be on july 1st..
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TRaveling plans and current goals..
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